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Hello! I'm Runey and I'm making Harem Hotel, an Adult Visual Novel with Dating Sim and Training themes.



You've inherited the "Harem Hotel", a hotel where 8  beautiful women stay! Upgrade your hotel, build friendships with girls,   follow their stories,  and train them. Harem Hotel includes fully animated   and  completely uncensored lewd scenes, an array of stats and traits  to  build and unlock, many outfits to use, unique characters and  fetishes,  over 600 unique events, over 14,700 images, and way, way more to come. 

In the Harem Hotel you will meet:


Your humble Elf maid who was recently hired before you inherited the hotel. Lin always aims to please her master in any way she can!


A nerdy girl who was left at your hotel by her father, and she's not too happy about it. But you may just be the person to keep her happy. Without a job, she's willing to do almost anything she can for some extra cash.


A college student who was just kicked out of her house by her strict parents. Finally free from them, she's very eager to explore things she never had the opportunity to.


A college student and friend to Ashley, she's quite experienced and loves to flaunt, especially in public. She'll do a lot for some attention.

Your Android

Created by your grandfather, and there before you joined the Hotel, his project now belongs to you! Her name is up to you and she comes with some very useful commands. Buy her parts and upgrades to unlock some very interesting events.

Felicity & Emma

Cheerleaders, clones, and bitchy. Felicity is the boss wherever she goes, and Emma loves to follow the boss, whoever that may be...


This religious girl was born with a body made from sin. However hard she may try to hide it, it's painfully obvious. Her lack of knowledge and embarrassment of everything lewd will just make her corruption even sweeter.

And more coming!

More unique girls will be added in future updates to allow for even more fetishes.

Themes included:

  • BDSM
  • Harem
  • Maid
  • Training
  • Masochism 
  • Pet Play
  • Watersports
  • Dating
  • Tsundere
  • Yandere 
  • Exhibitionism
  • Voyeurism
  • Masturbation
  • Elves
  • Virginity
  • Defloration
  • Creampies
  • Anal
  • Girl on Girl
  • Squirting
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Ahegao
  • Corruption
  • Breast Expansion/Reduction
  • Feet
  • Lactation
  • Milf
  • Religious Corruption
  • and more!



I have plans on adding new scenes and continuing the story of each character in every update, as well as more girls, with more personalities and kinks. Two new characters are already being made!

Planned fetishes include:

  • Pregnancy

This game is totally free! If you enjoy this game and want to see it grow please consider supporting me HERE. Anything helps!

(If you're unable to download the game here, try my Patreon page)

>Troubleshooting tips for Android<

Download Google Keyboard

Ensure you're allowing unknown sources

Have 5GB or more of storage space

Do not install on an SD card. Must be installed on your phone's main drive.

Uninstall all previous versions of Harem Hotel


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Harem Hotel v0.9.2 PC
Harem Hotel v0.9.2 MAC
Harem Hotel v0.9.2 ANDROID

Development log


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Hi guys. I have a question. What was Nia's (the elf) list. How to check the list and where to buy it. Thx

perfect game, 10/10

only bad note, they talk about impregnatig a lot but you still actually make the girl pregnant.

好想哭 我玩到一半時有電話 打完電話重開遊戲時資料全沒了。有誰能告訴我怎麼辦

How can i go to the bar again?


Go to the lobby or your room and you can see a beer icon on the down right side. Click that to go to the bar again

Where can I buy Levi's human outfit. I can't see it on the Outfit List

(3 edits) (+1)

Its on story bro, runey mart at other tab, not outfit if im not mistaken

just name it android here


can you make your sentence more understandable ]


Your room's computer. You can buy things from the online store. OP (original poster) was looking in the Outfits section, but the item in question is actually in the Other section.

Oh, and OP's mention of a "Levi", is their Android's name.

Is that easier?

Yes thank you

(1 edit)

Some event need to raise another character status to continue the mission.. e.g android mission sometimes need to raise kali or lin friendship before u can start buying something to android.. try to find it

Thanks for that. I'll try it. I haven't really raised the stats for kali because I don't prefer her. Hahahaha

Can somebody teach me how to update the game using patch notes?

My version as of now is 0.8.2 and I want to update it into 0.9.2

Do I need to install the 0.9.2 and play it all over again or I could just pick up where I left off at version 0.8.2?

I don't want to play it all over again from the start. I want to continue where I left off.


Use patch note

(2 edits)


I have latest version on android

There are sth bothering:

No dress for emma and autumn. 

Cant sleep with autumn. 

Cant change the view while sex. 

And im on day 150. I did all upgrades and i bought every thing. Is there anything left to do? Maybe wedding or something? 

And when will the next update come? 

Is there any floor 3?😉

Tnx for your good game

I don't know how to fuck with Autumn. Can someone tell me?

you can't yet her story needs to be updated

(5 edits) (-1)

Going further into the into my NTR speculation  when Maria told Android  she's Android's bitch instantly reminded me when Seikon No  Qwaser's 

Katja Kurae   made Hana her "Soma" source and making Hana completely loyal to her and no one else with Hana calling Katja her Queen.

I assume Maria is Android's slave, and  not on the board anymore/off limits as a sex partner. 

Unless  it's the protagonist's task to win Maria back

Hey guys, I've been really enjoying this game, however, I'm at the " 'talk' " for Maria about going to the beach, but it never triggers, it's really bumming me out from continuing.

Up her stats, should be Friendship or Sexuality iirc. Maybe even Submission. It was a while back for me.

One of the best Harem games I've ever played. 

Can I update the gamewithout loosing saves?


well I can't speak for others but so far I haven't lost any saves while updating 

How do you update? Just download latest and replace files?

Pretty much. Personally, for whatever reason, when I just download the new file and open, it already has my old saves. Must be where it reads em from.

just download and use the app, these things keep all save data in a hidden folder on you pc called appdata so even if you delete the game and it's whole folder and re download it it'll still have the saves 


Damn you!!!, This game make me really dreaming about the future of this game. Im really want to support u, but now im just an unemployee broke man, 

Thank you very much for the game. I hope many people will support you!! I love the story not dark like the others, and hero didnt had a serious mistake being a harem. The plot is very good. 

I just finished the game and Oh My God it was amazing, I can’t wait to see what more you do! Can’t be a patreon right now but I will definitely be one soon. 

I’m really interested in

Kali- I fell in love with her right away 

Moon- Kali and Moon are hard to pick for my number 1 spot, but Moon is my favorite now, Plus I love her hipster panties I think that’s what they are, Would love to see lace and tights with her. Maybe even both. Hopefully she can have her panties on with some scenes  

Lucia- Will she be getting her own room? Also having the panties on while fucking is really hot, ditto with the stuff I said about moon and the tights. Also cant wait to see more of her.

Sylvia- she looks mean and stuck up I love it, can’t wait to see what’s in store for her. can’t wait to see her story and what not.

Ellen- I know she’s a side character but I hope she has ALOT coming up cause she is cute and I wanna she what she’s got.

Sarah- Please give me a hint if we will be doing more stuff with her. Another side character but man once again the panties she has and even has them on when fucking is AMAZING. 

I have a pantie fetish and seeing most of the girls I like wear them on during sex was REALLY amazing to see, plus the choice of what their panties looked like was a good touch as well. 

The fairies... They seem interesting and what we will be doing with them, do they grow to human size or stay the same size? Either way I can’t wait!

Thanks for making this game, I really enjoyed it til the end. Take your time on this masterpiece! But also more PANTIES ON DURING SEX SCENES. I can’t wait to be a patreon. 

(1 edit)

Please add furry costumes and an additional aautosave...  But besides from that it's a great game good job👍

P.s.: the dreamscape vr is great, but it spoils all characters before you unlock them/their sex scenes so it should have a limit to which video's you can watch depending on your unlocked characters

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for putting together a great game. The background stories are actually interesting and the gameplay is compelling.

Each personality is sufficiently different for them to “feel” like a different kind of challenge. This is a nice touch. In particular,  the idea of not satisfying a “spoilt” and “entitled” attitude leads into Felicity’s storyline really nicely. Felicity and Emma’s relationship has some dark nuances, their jealousy being the root of which, and that feels like they could develop further and I would like to see Emma enter the dungeon as much as I’d like to see options for the two of them being sidelined or being simultaneously engaged; a good variety of sandwiches could be developed with these two.

Aurora’s storyline, a slow corruption wherein she starts to succumb to lust, is obviously in its primacy yet it is an interesting alternative to all the other stories because it’s a fall from innocence. In contrast, all the other characters have character traits that align them with mischief or else they have been broken or tainted by prior experiences.

Another point: Maria’s character really starts to spill out towards the end of your work and we see her increasingly imposing her fantasies upon others. During this latter period of her storyline there are moments where it’s possible to “step in” and possibly interject. I felt that this was a nice touch.

Having alternative options when there are multiple characters is fun. The Emma, Felicity, Ashley has a couple of these moments where you can end the scene on one or the other character. It doesn’t seem to alter the storyline (correct me if I’m wrong) but simply having options is nice.

Some of the longer scenes were difficult to read all the way through. Notably, Ashley’s story has one lengthy monologue about her past. Honestly, I felt that was too long and even after two playthroughs I could make it.

It’s been said before that the guy’s are all pretty ugly, it’s sad to see my hair is thinning when I watch TV :D

Love the dungeon BUT found that sometimes the behaviour in the dungeon was in stark contrast to the behaviour I could expect from the same characters outside of the dungeon. That was a bit weird or the distance between realities was too far and the storyline started to seem weird or disjointed.

Would also like to see the dungeon opening up for all visitors in future versions of the game.

It would also be nice to get some darker skin tones in there too.

As everyone has said, its an incredible story. Thanks :)

(3 edits)

Is there going to be a third floor or is it just going to be just the first and second floor for the next two girls to be in? I'm the update that the other girls are going to be in that is.

I also hope that we can truly confess our love to lin and be able to start a family with her and be able to marry her cause she is truly an amazing girl who I see the best in and actually want to start a life with her.

Hi!    I love the game and everything, except I have no idea how to order nia her supplies... Does anyone know how? Thanks!

(1 edit)

On your PC in Runey-mart under other ;)

I bought the bar and the game is telling me to go there so I can advance the story with maria but I can't figure out where to click to reach the bar.  Help someone ^_^;;

In the lobby theres an icon bottom right corner with a beer icon on it. usually you have to wait till they finish building it


Please stop using this piece of shit Mega T___T

I want to download. Does anyone have a mirror for the android?

itch.io is another spot to get this from.

Runey please bring these in next update-

1. outfits for Emma 

2. Sex scenes with all elves 

3. Anyone including elves can be taken to dungeon

4. Sex scenes with ellen also

5. Pregnancy 

I love the Autumn. Please make her more special by bringing outfits and more sex actions with her.


The only bad thing about this game is knowing you’ll never experience it for the first time again


That is so accurate, and basically my feeling since I ended it

I can't seem to get kail's lust scenes plz help

tease her in the dungeon  by not letting her climax it'll lower submission, but it'll activate lust. After that visit her for slutty scenes then you'll  get it. The Friendship and affection plateaus have to be hit too

I seem to be unable to install the game even with the requirements being met. As of now, I'm trying to redownload the game to check if it will finally install.

This is frustrating... I still can't install the game 😢

What platform are you trying to run the game on?

I'm using Android with version 9. Does that help?

Someone had a similar problem before so try this "

Troubleshooting tips for Android:

Download Google Keyboard

Ensure you're allowing unknown sources

Have 5GB or more of storage space

Do not install on an SD card. Must be installed on your phone's main drive.

Uninstall all previous versions of Harem Hotel

To update your game on android, back up your save and delete the previous version"

(5 edits)

So did I get NTR'd by Android  making Maria a true lesbian and not into guys anymore?

I ask, because on the page it says it won't be implemented, but seems like Android just did it with Maria.

Thus, you need to explain her  sexual preference because "I'm your bitch" then in bondage with a leash is pretty definitive

I think it's hot, personally. I think it's cool if a harem member assumes control of one of the other members. Makes it kinkier :) 

(1 edit)

When will be the next update, this game is amazing!

(2 edits) (+2)

I hope impregnation wil be available soon. Cant wait till that day :) i’m curious what exactly the date you update this option. Btw im impregnation fetish

Best game on here  and I love  the small Easter eggs you had  best thing about the game


This game is probably my favoritre lewd game ive ever played


This game is a fucking masterpiece.


Thank you for making a really fun game

i recently updated to 9.2 to continue the story but its saying the friendship of one or more of the girls is way too high and that i cant continue the story. it says i need to revert whatever cheats i did but im confused because the only cheat i did was more money. Is there a way to revert their friendship levels with a code? or am i stuck with pissing them off for multiple days/ just starting a new save? not sure what caused it since i didn't use any of the maxall cheats. Sorry if its a duplicate comment but i spent a good bit trying to find someone who had the same question

Did you put the max code in? That breaks it unless it's a new game.
Somewhere along your game, you got more friendship than you should have, resulting in the story for one of them to break.

i wish i could just download the patch instead of having to redownload the whole 4 gigs of data for the game


I wasn't expecting much from this game, especially not with the phrase 'religious corruption' in the description.But hey, it was free, and I wanted to at least give it a chance.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this game was... actually good.

The words "corruption" and "training" tend to raise a bunch of red flags for me, but turns out in this game that literally just meant helping the girls deal with their issues with occasional fucking, which I am down for. There's also a refreshing lack of incest and girls who look like little kids in this game. A low bar, I know, but a lot of games don't hit it so good job.

Speaking of the girls, I love all of them. Their models are well designed and don't look uncanny, even though a lot of the games on here that use the same parts or whatever look borderline creepy. Of course, I'd be down for a wider variety of body types, but no game is perfect. 

I also was not expecting well written female characters from a game called "Harem Hotel", but I guess you really can't judge a book by its cover. I hated Ashley at first (honestly I was ready to throw down the second anyone was rude to Lin), but her story gave me Emotions. I about cried when Annie got reset. The elf subplot has... a surprising amount of nuance, especially for a porn game. Hell, Autumn get's pretty deep into theology in the beach scene. The nonsexual scenes were some of the best in the game. The subtle way Lin slowly gets more confident and assertive throughout the game is excellent. Like, watching her grow was one of my favorite parts of the game. 

All that said, I do have some suggestions.

- A menu at the beginning of the game where you can exclude certain kinks. I appreciate the one Kali scene giving you the option to opt out, but I feel like being able to avoid that encounter all together would be nice. 

- Character customization, and maybe a gender select. After the huge bonus from Kali's dad, there's not to spend money on besides some bar upgrades. Being able to shop for stuff at "the burning topic" (i fuckin died laughing when i saw the name for the first time) would be kind of neat. I get that this is difficult to implement though, so I don't expect it. The gender select would be cool, mostly because I'm just really fuckin gay for all these ladies but I can live with being a dude for a bit.

- Imma keep it real with you chief; all the dudes look either meh or gross. especially the old men.

- For the elf subplot, it's kinda weird that there's not like, an elf underground railroad or some shit. Not a suggestion, but it kinda feels off.

- Jin should have a story where you help her recover from the Bullshit she's been through. Like, as of now she just hangs around Lin's room and reminds me of the horrors both her and Lin have been through.

- If the male models can be improved, maybe some male elves in the sanctuary! 

- I'd like to see Miss Ren, but only if there's like. Not a sex route for her. She's pretty much Ashley's other mom. That'd be weird.

- The cafe as a location for exhibitionism feels weird, especially since the owners are religious. Aren't there like, kids around? Maybe a nightclub instead, and the cafe could just be a place for dates???

Overall, the current state of the game is a delight and I'm excited to see where it goes. Good job!


Thank you so much for the in depth feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed my game :)

The dudes are definitely bad. I use Honey Select to create the visuals, and there aren't many options for males, so I try to hide their faces with glasses, haha.

The reason there isn't an elvish version of the underground railroad is because Elves cannot be free. If one is free, anyone can claim it. And Syl'anar (the nation HH is in) prohibits other countries from housing Elves, even as slaves (spoilers excluded). The closest we have to that is actually Nia! She finds elves owned by horrible masters, rescues them, and takes them to the HHI (Happy Home Initiative) to sign up for slavery again, under a new name. Masters must go through a form, and have someone come out to inspect their living condition, etc. So those Elves will be freed, in a way. In the best way Syl'anar allows.

I have something in mind for Jin, something along those lines. Although it isn't a priority.

Miss Ren will be back :)

Well written feedback! I love it!

I'm not sure if you're aware, but this game can't be downloaded via the itch.io app. It just states that the title is hosted on an incompatable third-party website.


is there a way to download windows version, with another page, i cannot download via mega, i hit the limit for a the free version, even wtih an account

try runey's patreon, if that dont work i can send you a google drive link

i tried, but it caps at  1.2gb, and then Mega bullies me

Can you send a google drive link? Runey's patreon only has mega aswell :c

Can you send me the link as well, my mega doesnt work

this is a very great game!!! i really like it. but i im currently stuck at the sanctuary how do i trigger ann's events? are there more scenes? or just one?

None yet outside Lin's 0.9 story, but also, Ann isn't involved, sorry

She's such a nice lady, hell she seems happier as your slave cuz she wants to get dicked daily

(1 edit) (-1)

i downloaded ver 0.9.2 but the apps is ver. 0.8? 


Really enjoyed this one I can't wait for it to be complete


Runey, first and foremost. Marvelous work. There is no need to write all those things that others already mentioned. Well, guess I'll just say that my favorite characters are Autumn and Moon, I'd like to see more of there content. Also I wonder if Moon will be a main character or just side one? I like her a lot cuz she's supposed to be korean? Well, i am korean xD

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