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Hello! I'm Runey and I'm making Harem Hotel, an Adult Visual Novel with Dating Sim and Training themes.



You've inherited the "Harem Hotel", a hotel where 8 beautiful women stay! Upgrade your hotel, build friendships with girls, follow their stories, and train them. Harem Hotel includes fully animated and completely uncensored lewd scenes, an array of stats and traits to build and unlock, many outfits to use, unique characters and fetishes, over 445 unique events, over 9,350 images, and way, way more to come.

In the Harem Hotel you will meet:


Your humble Elf maid who was recently hired before you inherited the hotel. Lin always aims to please her master in any way she can!


A nerdy girl who was left at your hotel by her father, and she's not too happy about it. But you may just be the person to keep her happy. Without a job, she's willing to do almost anything she can for some extra cash.


A college student who was just kicked out of her house by her strict parents. Finally free from them, she's very eager to explore things she never had the opportunity to.


A college student and friend to Ashley, she's quite experienced and loves to flaunt, especially in public. She'll do a lot for some attention.

Your Android

Created by your grandfather, and there before you joined the Hotel, his project now belongs to you! Her name is up to you and she comes with some very useful commands. Buy her parts and upgrades to unlock some very interesting events.

Felicity & Emma

Cheerleaders, clones, and bitchy. Felicity is the boss wherever she goes, and Emma loves to follow the boss, whoever that may be...


This religious girl was born with a body made from sin. However hard she may try to hide it, it's painfully obvious. Her lack of knowledge and embarrassment of everything lewd will just make her corruption even sweeter.

And more coming!

More unique girls will be added in future updates to allow for even more fetishes.

Themes included:

  • BDSM
  • Harem
  • Maid
  • Training
  • Masochism 
  • Pet Play
  • Watersports
  • Dating
  • Tsundere
  • Yandere 
  • Exhibitionism
  • Voyeurism
  • Masturbation
  • Elves
  • Virginity
  • Defloration
  • Creampies
  • Anal
  • Girl on Girl
  • Squirting
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Ahegao
  • Corruption
  • Breast Expansion/Reduction
  • Feet
  • Lactation
  • Milf
  • Religious Corruption
  • and more!



I have plans on adding new scenes and continuing the story of each character in every update, as well as more girls, with more personalities and kinks. Two new characters are already being made!

Planned fetishes include:

  • Pregnancy

This game is totally free! If you enjoy this game and want to see it grow please consider supporting me HERE. Anything helps!

(If you're unable to download the game here, try my Patreon page)

>Troubleshooting tips for Android<

Download Google Keyboard

Ensure you're allowing unknown sources

Have 5GB or more of storage space

Do not install on an SD card. Must be installed on your phone's main drive.

Uninstall all previous versions of Harem Hotel

Updated 15 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Dating Sim, Erotic, harem, hentai, nsfw, renpy, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Harem Hotel v0.7.2 PC
Harem Hotel v0.7.2 MAC
Harem Hotel v0.7.2 ANDROID (Phone)
Harem Hotel v0.7.2 ANDROID (Tablet)

Development log


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How to unlock the scenes with elvens , I have done everything possible ,even giving them luxury food

You've probably seen them. They had their intro event, Nia had her supplies event, and Nia, Sylvia, and Lin had an event.

How to get Maria´s Buttslut trait? there ist no Option for it....

How to get Felicity´s Cumslut trait ? thx

(1 edit)

Maybe its because im one hell of a Horny MF, or i like just the CG's

but if u play the hide your dingdong game with her enough and cum inside here, she gets it i believe. Hope i could help.

oh and maria? Just get through her story, oh and i believe ashleys or lins too

Buttslut trait means butt sex. If you don't have anal with her, play her story to unlock it.
Cum Slut trait means you've cum on them 10 times.

Where is Maria i can't find her?

Love the game btw

You need to take Ashley's virginity to get Maria.

(1 edit)

Just wait

cant install (not installed) any fix here its my first time installing this on my phone

Check out the download on my patreon page. Follow the tips for android on there.


Best Game Ever! Steam Version incoming? xD

Runey How to get android's exhibition points? 


Ask her to hang out at coffe when she in her room like lin and choose 'something lewd'

I Runey can you help me with a girl named Kate, she mad me a quest and i dont know the answer the question is (what can be found at the biginningof eternity, the end of time and space, the biginning of every end, and the end of every place.) Can you give me the answer please ?

(1 edit) (+1)

The answer is the letter E reread the riddle and watch the way it is said

tanks bro, you the best i dont forget ok see ya.

no problem

how to change my ingame name?

If you have unren, you can enable the console and type: name = "yournamehere"

Deleted post

hey this new update has updated the story of the characters yet ???

(1 edit)

Every update adds at least 1 story event for every character. Most of the time, it's 2 story events. v0.7 added 2 story events to every character.

I started just after the .7 update and have not gotten 7.1, I'm not usually one to leave comments, but i must say. Damn fine job runey! I am stuck on it. I only have two complaints and they are minor.

1: despite backing up saved file i had to reset after update, but o well

2: when attempting pictures with Maria, my fav thus far, i get an exception error. Gives me a big long coding page where i can rollback, ignore, or quit. Once in awhile it lets me slip by but only auto uses the slut outfit. Would like to know if i can fix this or if another update is going to be required

Thank you! That bug has been fixed in v0.7.2

Is 7.2 only out for donators a if now? The link (s), I've tried a couple different sites only seen to give me 7.1.


Yeah, it's been out for about a week now. Just download it from here or my patreon page. I wouldn't go to any unofficial websites.


Runey kip up the good work, the game harem hotel for me is the best game i have played, congratulation for your work, dont forget to tell me when you do the next up grade.

Is there a way to revert the elves to slave mode from equal mode?

Can i get another link download? In addition i cant download with mega:(

Check my Patreon page, or the f95zone thread.

How to keep the data when updating the new version

You don't have to do anything on PC or Mac. But for Android, you'll need to back your saves up. I've never played on Android so I'm not sure exactly how you would do this.


Out of all "training" porn games I've tried, this one is the best, by far!

I have to say, I'm really getting attached to the characters. Ashley's story development is pulling my feely strings. I don't want to spoil anything, but thank you for creating that story. I come from the same place and it made me cry a little. No more fap tonight though ;)

Thank you so much!

(1 edit)

Really enjoying the game so far. Although after I trigger the scene with Ava in the laundry room where she is sitting on the machine the choice to sleep with a girl at bed time doesn't show up any more. I was able to reproduce it every time with all the different dialog choices its the same result even if it's a different time or day. I don't thing I can progress with her and keep sleeping with someone at night. Please help.

(1 edit)

hello, do i need to do something to get my save file to the new update

and what is new?

No. Unless you're on Android.

I like this moment when penis in vagina. :)

my bar events stuck at 4/7 any help?

Download v0.7.2


When you get a BJ from Maria with the bunny costume, her left eye don't open.

Amazing game tho.

This is intentional.

Hey it's just past june why I don't see any version ??? 

The most recent version just came out 1 week ago.

after instaling the 0.7 version, i accidently deleted the 0.6 before it so my saves are gone . What do i do ;-;

dont know if it will work but a system restore might get them back 

(1 edit)

How does the system work. Pls help i dont want to play from the beginning again ;-;

system restore is something you do to your entire comp if you  google it you can easily find step by step  instructions

Does he ever get anything other than a handjob and some pics from Autumn as she is hot and would love to see her corrupted to the fullest. Maybe a 3some with her sister?

She absolutely will! She just needs more story development :)

how do u get a foot job from lin

(2 edits)

Play the game
(What I mean by this, is that it's impossible not to get these options. They just open up when you progress their stories.)


You unlock some interactions apparently based on how you progress with characters. Try raising different traits higher so you can get better responses or reactions. Try shopping for items to get a new story option open. Sometimes its simply that you haven't gone far enough through the characters storyline as well. Make sure to click on other characters aside from the hotel residents as well as some have some very interesting material attached to them as well. Hope to see future expansions of some of them. Hint traits such as exhibitionism should be pursued to the full potential for the best results. Don't just do the one activity and stop. Max that out for better future results. It pays off nicely. Especially with Lin.

i cant get a boob job from kali what do i do

Play the game

Hello runey im ur harem hotel fan...when it will be the next update 0.8?

I start planning what will be in v0.8 today. Next week I'll begin working on the update! It's too hard to say right now when it could come out. 

How do I install on Linux? This page says that linux is supported.
But when i press install it only lets me select
"...7.1.1 PC..."
and displays error:
opening archive: creating zip extractor: zip: not a valid zip file


Is there anything more to do with lucia or no? is it supposed to be 0/2?

use the code: truestory

Thank you

Hi Runey. How do i raise Elvens happiness level. I did my best but still cant raise their happiness over 3.

That's the max happiness. You gave them all of the happiness options, so now they're happy \o/

How about their screens? How do i unlock their screens? ;-;

You mean scenes?
They each have 1 for buying them. Nia has 1 for giving her supplies. Nia, Sylvia, and Lin have another.


Are you planning to expand this in the future maybe? Really hope you do! Also more Ellen and Jin as well hopefully.

It keeps on saying "Not a valid ZIP file" when I try to download it on my windows pc. Do you know how I can fix that?? :0

Try downloading it from my Patreon page.

Now that .7 is downloaded can i delete the .6 apk and still have my saves?

yep, just copy the 'saves' folder direct from 0.6 to the same place in 0.7 (there won't be a folder labelled 'saves' in 0.7 to start with so won't be any worries about overwriting stuff.)

I'm having touble getting the latest 3 bar scenes. how do i start them? all i get is that i have to go to the bar before closing but when i do nothing happens

I uploaded a patch recently. Make sure you're on v0.7.1.1

Im having trouble installing it on Android, it starts the installation as normal but when it's almost finished it says failed to install. I have tried to download multiple times and both Android versions but it won't work

Go to my Patreon page to download it. Read the "Troubleshooting tips for Android"

Sup Runey, man i need some help
My internet its pretty unstable and as soon the download reaches like 1 GB or even less, it crashes and need to download it from the start

Can you upload the game on Itch.io app or maybe torrent?
(im not judging you by using nopy, im just asking for help heh)

Keep Going with the great job


Try one of the mirrors here https://f95zone.to/threads/harem-hotel-v0-7-1-runey.12760/

are pregnancy fetish was available?

How do i get people in the sanctuary? 

Buy them at the computer.

Do Lin's story.

do they all come from lins story?


I can't install it... please tell me how... or update it to see what wrong or something idk, I just wanna play.. ;-;

can't install onto Itch, downloads only

le oof, you know where to download?

hit the red 'download' buttons above or below description and then hit the 'take me to downloads' button on the popup

I don't see the download, can you send link to where download is? if nah then that ok... I'll have to accept my lost..

Try downloading it from my patreon page.

i did what u guys told me around a week ago and i played again. but then i accidentaly deleted the game and now when i reload it says (name of game).exe is missing? my antivirus is shut off. any ideas?

Runey, can i download the game from Itch app?

I'm having trouble downloading it from MEGA
(Nice work with the game)

Sorry, I'm not sure. I haven't used the itch app.
However, none of the links are to mega. They're nopy links.

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