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Check out this recently released hentai game! The art-style and the sex scenes are AMAZING.

Play here, CLICK!

What is different love route elf and slave rpute elf? I choose love route but they just stand on sanctuary. Nothing happends. No events in love route?

I really confuse in santuary. I complete all story so far. In misc i unlock all event to. But i dont know what to do for this elf. I see in patch notes there some event on. And many of adult scanes. But i dont know how to do it. When i gi to sanctuary they just stand there. Choice just how are you, revoke , call me, and bye. Help :(

How do you get Lust up, and also what are the Max stats in every category

If I'm right you get their Lust up by having BDSM actions with them and leave them without allowing them to cum (just like in real life)

To Max Stats I can't say anything, but it seems that you cannot achieve more then a 3 star trait (or the scale isn't straight proportional) regardless how far you push their e.g. slut level

Hi Runey! How do I update computer version of Harem Hotel without losing my save files?

They are stored in ´appdata`, so you can just delete the old version and download the new version. :)

Are you sure about that?
On my machine the saves are in "\game\saves" subfolder, relative to Harem_Hotel.exe 


Yeah, but those are ´´local`` saves. Every time you save something in your computer, the computer also makes a back-up save in the ´´appdata`` section.

Thanks, you're right.
%AppData%\RenPy\Harem Hotel-1520575859 
There they are indeed.
Would have never looked them up since there were the local ones in Game Folder. 
Always good to know whats going on on my machine.

I was playing version 0.6 and just downloaded 0.8.1. I bought Nia, it says that the pick up is ready, I just don't know where to pick up. The mail seems to be bugged with Kali's vibrator

Have you tried the Kalis Package fix-patch yet?!q2xUQaZa!qoR-BzbZjL9Vd06fS9jPaw

Thanks now it works!

1st of all - great game, you did a really good job Runey
Currently I'm stuck with Lin. I can't get her into anal. I have maxed out all other girls traits and finished their stories as far they go in 0.8.2
However I want to win the slave challenge therefore I need that skill as well.
I got her friendship on 23, Obedience 31, Lust 2, Sluttiness 55, Exhi 14, Sub 1 and avery trait besides Buttslut and Foot Fetish maxed (golden with at least one star).
Her sister has also moved in.
I fear I have messed up :-/ please tell me I missed some clue and don't have to replay the whole game.

you don't get foot fetish until after the competition. You should be fine, I only had a handful of stuff unlocked for her and I passed it. If you are still worried, just save right before and load that one if you fail. 

Thanks, but I'm rather pedantic, so I want to achieve everything possible.
I found an older savegame on a backup stick bevor ich bought Jin, any hints when or by what Lin's anal defloration is triggered? If it is still possible in my older savegame, I would play trough the rest a second time. If not I would chose between a complete start over or staying with the stat I had.


She gets into butt stuff after she gets the laptop and starts watching porn online. Unfortunately I don't remember how to get her the laptop but it had something to do with Kali

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Thanks - then I musst have missed it. I got some save were I sneaked into everyones room with Maria. After that i never saw the Laptop again.
Well I need to start over then, since there is a skip function I could do it in a 3rd of the time because I remember the dialogues quite well.

Thanks to @hagemage for the knowledge of the Savegame Copys in %AppData%, I was able to recover some older saves from my nightly Backup.
Having your info @FtwDan too I should finde the nearest point available.

I'm not sure if I'm looking in the wrong places, but I can't find Android's human stuff. Is it just something that hasn't been put in yet, or just not there for me?

Check the Other tab in the computer
Advance Android's story

its in the ´other` tab.


Felecity top tier, hope to see more of her in the future. sick game btw


My man! Would buy you a drink for this comment.

Personally, I trully love Felicity and her change from top bitch to top pet.

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So, 21H 17M 28S later at night of Day 238 ... Finished main story for all characters at this point.

Now, here's some followup questions: 

How to get Cummybear AKA Lin do a footjob?

Can you move further with Kate or not at this point?

Edit: fixed typing errors >.>

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Go to the kitchen(when shes there) and tell her to put on her apron and then ´´footjob``

No you cannot go further with Kate yet.

Thank you very much for info! :)

As for Lin, yeah, completely overlooked it due to yellow options

Kate kawaii eyes ヘ(≧▽≦ヘ)♪


So, my least favorite character was Felicity, then we have moved to dungeon training facility Slut-1 aaaaaand she instantly became my most fevorite pet ... *following scenes contain drolling allover the keyboard*

Can't wait for Emma to join the party train under the hotel :P

PS: Dear Santa, here's my X-Mass wish for joint session of F&E at our fine education facility

It just me or i hope theres a gang when exibithion?


My man! Also kinda hoping for that ... but so far, most entertaining was taking Felicity for a walk >.<

I finish story kali, but cant sleep with her at night. Was i accidently wrong answer? I can sleep with other like lin, maria and android.

No, you cant sleep with Kali nor Autumn yet.

In the future you will be


please help me, what is the answer ?


The letter E

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Stuck no answer

just type e

Eazy fucking E indeed :D

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Wtf I'm sorry. Thanks you


Hands down my favorite game and I've been binge playing these for a solid week now. I absolutely cannot wait for your next update.

Question though.. is there a reason all the characters but the Android and Lin can have the 'in love' trait? Not that's it's a huge ordeal, they're just my two favorites! 

Thats because the ´´in love`` trait is replaced by the ´´Complete obedience`` trait, because only Android and Lin are slaves.

I knooowwww but I want them to be in looooove lol


How is V9 coming along Runey?

Looking forward to more.

Must bang autumn

A reply to me from Runey:

I was planning to start writing the contents of v0.9 this week, but some personal things came up that will take some time out of my hands. I would say v0.9 will start development in 1 to 2 weeks. (After most/all of the update is written)


Cool thanks Hage. And good luck Runey,  life first.

I... I didn't go with Kali to her house because for some reason I thought it'd stay there permanently.. Does it affect the relationship with Kali in the long run? Please say no :(

And another thing.. Thank you.. for this game.
It's made me laugh, cry and turned on
It's quite possibly one of the best games I've ever played, and I just wanted you to know that this game means quite a lot to me. The way you handled Ashley and the twins for example.. Thank you, so much for this game.
I hope that if Heaven exists, you get a special place up there.

Oh, yay! I got the Kali scene now for some reason

Probably only worked on the weekends

I'm so happy! You made everything possible, and just.. This game is amazing
Thank you so much!

My games a little buggy, i used the code to advance to the end of the story, and after i finished the newest events, i go to the girls rooms and find that some scenes arent there. For example, if i were to talk to Lucia, i could ask her "for more fun" but when i do, nothings there. same for Ashley as she has some scenes missing, Kali, and Emma. Ive already restarted and used the code only to find that it hadnt fixed it. any solutions?

This code must be used at the very beginning of the game.

Just tried it again and the issue continues. I use the code like right away and then the queen and lins event comes up, i finish that and when i go to the girls room theres still missing scenes :L

Deleted post

Enter your name


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I did spend some cash on Kickstarter in past but never became patreon for someone. However, this thing just made my mind, it is simply amazing.

Can't wait for the day when complete game of v1.0 will be released.

Also, in case that after v1 this gets kickstarted for some hyper-advanced remake and creation of Runey's own game company, I would spend money on that for sure after seeing this masterpiece! :D

... reminds me of Subverse creation idea, even how Studio FOW started actually. Story of few supporters that grew into an army of backers and paterons.

Anyhow, keep up the good work sir!


Hey Runey42 !

I really love your game and i think it's my favorite renpy game so far ! I hope you will reach an eventually 1.0 !

I have one question, maybe you've already aswer that but will you add a language choice to the game later ? Because I'm really interested to make a french traduction just for fun and just for help if one day you want.

Thanks in advance !

The french translation is being worked on :)

So I've got a bug in .8. When ordering the human android kit, it arrives at the door as Kali's massager. The event never goes away and everytime I check the door its Kali's package. Any idea how to fix it? ty

Have you tried the Kalis Package fix-patch yet?!q2xUQaZa!qoR-BzbZjL9Vd06fS9jPaw

Ah I didn't see there was a new update. That fixed it, ty!

Just wanna ask about the android human suit problem.i have read ur cmt that u need to go to the other tab but idk how to turn into it.Pls guide council of harem hotel.


Very well made, entertaining and engrossing and amazingly doesn't trigger my usual rage at seemingly needing to learn a new language to understand the personal lore of the creator!

I played to the end of v 8 and have no real complaints that aren't petty whims expressed by others (wanna sleep with Kali etc) I am a bit baffled by one choice though.  The sanctuary's love route so far seems like it makes the occupants less happy than the slave route.  That raises some serious questions about the true personalities of some of the characters..especially after meeting Jia.

If I were to ask for anything it would be able to go back and experience some of the events that got triggered but lacked the proper stats and then never came up again or just to be able to redo them and make differing choices.

Great job, just in case my tone didn't express it properly, few games make me so happy to spend my time in them.

Will the development of v.0.9 start soon?

How about the full version?(v.1.0) Will it take much longer than like 0.8 to 0.9?

Like if are you going to put a TON of things in it, so that it would take like half a year or longer to complete?(Just asking how long we would have to wait(tongue long :D) for the full version)

(1 edit)

I was planning to start writing the contents of v0.9 this week, but some personal things came up that will take some time out of my hands. I would say v0.9 will start development in 1 to 2 weeks. (After most/all of the update is written)

v1.0 is a very long way away. It doesn't come after v0.9. I have no clue what I'll be doing for v1.0

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Hey Runey42,

Great game you are making and I wish you still continuously making games that make all this weeb go nuts. 

I just giving you a suggestion, that on v1.0, you might add some more scene on sub-character like Lin's sister and that waitress from the bar...  Or maybe you can unlock new scene for Ashley schoolmates.

I just one of yours fan and I hope you can consider my suggestion.


Thank you! v0.9 will have more of a focus on side content :)

Hey Runey42, I see people talk about new version of the game, and I'm pretty confused. So can you please tell me if there are any new versions of this game and where can I download it? 


The v.0.8.2 is the newest one.

You can find it here:

Thanks a lot! :D

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Hey there! EXCELLENT GAME that's addicted me since finding it here last Friday (10/04)!  Hoping to see Ellen be included more as a main girl for the PC. She's my favorite. This game reminds me of the 1970 movie "The Cheyenne Social Club". Hope you never run out of ideas!!!

Yesterday after writing my comment I realized how it works. The files are kept in the remnpy folder, so the new version can access them without any problem.

Still, thanks for replying! I'm looking forward to trying the new version of the game this weekend ...

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just want to say thanks for this great game sir , hope you keep the update 


Hi, i finish all histories; it's a AMAZING GAME!!, really i enjoy it, i love Kali she is the best girl for me.

I have two questions: 
1- In the future goes to exist the option for marry with any character?
2- In the nigth i can sleep whit all characters less with Kali, this opcion dont existe yet or i need improve the stats whit her?

PD: When i get money, i will make a donation to you


Thank you so much!

You'll be able to marry any and all of the characters once their stories are completed.
You will be able to sleep with Kali soon :)


Wait...? Any and ALL of the characters?

You mean that we would be able to marry ALL of them?


Yep, this is "Harem" hotel after all.

Amazing, thanks. But when you say, "You'll be able to marry any and all of the characters once their stories are completed."
You mean when the game is the final version i can marry whit they or i can Marry whith the character now?. Cause i dont see any option to marry and i finished all historys

Then you can update the game directly without downloading the new version?
Sorry if my question sounds silly, but as I said I can not see that menu, and I want to update the game without losing my game.
I use a windows 10, by the way.
PD: As for the possibility of adding text, maybe someone from the community would be able to help with that part? I am a programmer myself, but I use php, so I don't know python or renpy at all.

The only way to update is to download the new update each time one comes out.



I just wanted to say that this game is fantastic, but I am a bit stumped at a part.

I am trying to advance Lin's story, but it says that I should buy the Android's human outift. I have checked every bit of the computer and have found no outfit there that I can buy.

Can you assist me please?


Advance Android's story.


Hope we will have 3somes emma-felicity, this will be really hot

Hey Runey, great update as always. I seem to have a particular issue - in the patch notes is states that 0.8 introduced a new event for Kali and I don't think I've done it. Yet I am unable to start it and upon installing Lain's mod it states that the story for her is finished. Same goes for Lin and her new scene (unless I'm missing something on this one). I've gone to see the queen and that's about it or at least I think so.

(1 edit)

Yes. Thats it for Lin. After you go see the queen, it should say that ´´Congratz! Your completed Lins story. Lins story isnt complete, more will be added in v.0.9``

Where does your Kali story end?

And is the Lains walkthrough also updated?

From what i've seen the update looks really good! Only problem is that I don't know how to update my current game to the new version...

Btw I mean in in the way of: How can i update my game while keeping my save file

If you're on Android, you'll need to manually transfer your saves. If you're on PC or Mac, the saves will automatically appear after downloading the new update.


loving the latest story update so far. looking forward to whoever occupies the 6th guest room of the hotel. and looking forward to seeing what happens regarding Hana >:)

so is there anything you can do after getting the you have corrupted nia notification

How should I buy felicity a rope outfit? I can't find it on my pc

(1 edit)

You cant. She doesnt have scenes with the rope outfit in the dungeon.

How do I take felicity to dungeon, I have completed upto the cake scene felicity clashes with Emma and runs away. I am not able to interact on next scenes!!! What should I do


Youll able to take Felicity to the Dungeon on the next scene.

You mean that the option ´´talk`` doesnt appear when you click on their door?

Have you updated the game? And waited a few days?

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Yeah it is in the latest version!! I have been waiting for 10 days I am currently in the day 81i have finished atumn storyline upto masturbation too

What is Felicity's friendship?


Hi Runey.
I am a blind person, and that is why I am writing to request that text alternatives be included in some parts of the game, if possible.
I started playing with my girlfriend, but she can't always play, so I'm forced to wait.
Renpy has the ability to send the read text to the clipboard, but cannot extract it from the images, so although I can read the dialogues perfectly, I cannot move well on the map or access the computer.
If you need more details, let me know and we will communicate by other means.
Greetings and thanks.

Hello! It's wonderful to hear you and your girlfriend are enjoying my game together :)

I'm not sure how possible or time consuming something like that would be. For the most part, I'm a story writer. I wouldn't know where to begin with that.


May I know how to get Lin's foot job scene? 

Go forward with her story.

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