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What kate last question?

Seriously? -.- Look LITERALLY 1 comment down :D

Help kate riddle answer


its a letter(of the alphabet) ;)


HAHAH!! I love your ´´Easter egg`` in Felicitys story Runey! XD XD


Moaaarr Mooon!!! \o/ That spanking scene is absurdly hot. I love the slow corruption story. We also need some development of Kali and her sis ;)

Oh, and any chance someday you go back and reanimate all the old cut scenes (those that are still slideshows)? Anyways, your work is amazing and I can't wait for 0.8! Keep it up

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Thank you! And absolutely! I've been remaking old animations since v0.3, haha. In v0.8, I'm remaking most of the shower content!

Is Lucia a person in the current build (Android)? I check the side character list and she is listed with 0/2 scenes/interactions.

Yes she is. She comes to Kalis room when you go forward with Kalis story. She only has 2 scenes, which are available when you put in the code ´´truestory``

(and AFTER you complete Kalis story(?))


Hw can i raise nympo trait? Some scene need to be open by raise nympo trait. Please tell me, ty

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What scene??🤨🤨 And its a trait for Vaginal sex.

ohhhhh... You mean like a sex scene :D I thought you meant some story scene XD

Can i somehow keep the game 100% active in the background on Android?(so that it does not need to reload the game ALL the time when i open it-.-)


is your game gonna be taken down?i saw some issue about copyright from fakku or something.... this is the best 3dcg game i have ever played so IT WILL BE  A REAL DOWNER IF THIS WAS TAKEN DOWN

The situation is still developing, no one is sure what's going to happen yet.

Why did you get a copyright claim??

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I haven't, at least not yet.

What is this copyright from Fakku then? Is there like a ´´Article`` for something like that or something?


Hope everything goes ok for you...just wanna mention this game is SUPER FUN AND pretty Simplistic..i really love the ahegao's Hope you add more ahegao's in the near future..

So i wanted to ask if theres going to be dungeon scenes with the 3 slaves?

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Just wanted to ask, I choose the Love Route with Nia and Sylvia, but Slave Route with Ann because it looks like she like it? So if I choose Love Route with Nia and Sylvia there'll be no sex scene with them? Should I have chosen the slave route with them because I get sex with Ann after I choose Slave Route for Ann


yes. You will not get sex from them if you choose the Love Route. At least not yet anyway.

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Hi, Runey I already bought Nia, but it keeps telling me that Nia is ready to be picked up, but how do I go to the place and pick her up?

And please add Moon to one of the rooms in the hotel, I love her sooo much!

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check for mail. The option at the front door of the Hotel.

Thanks man! You've been a really great help! 


Moon Is beautiful, i love her too! It'd be great if we could give her a room in the hotel :)

Just saw your Patron pages update. It now says ´´v0.8~40%``, when it said a few days ago(i think) ´´v0.8~30%``. Does that mean that you made more to the v0.8?


... That's generally what that fucking means. 30 is less then 40.


So he made MORE to the v0.8 than he intended to?


v0.8 is 40% done. 40% out of 100%. 

ooohhhh... right 😅😅😅😅

i thought the whole game (v1.0) was 40% complete 😅

what character content we are going to get in v 0.8

Hi! How I can keep my progress when I do the update? I used an Android device


Depending on android version it might ask if this download is an update. If it is it keeps your current save state.

my Android version is 8 (idk why is important) and the game version is the one before the current update


I wasn't asking I was stating. Nobody is here to troubleshoot your shit for you. Jesus do you need someone to hold your hand through everything in your life?

The guy doesnt REALLY seem to be good with smartphones, so if you cant answer his questions *politely*, DONT answer at all! -.-

thanks hagemage, actually I was consulting how to make a backup for my save game, that's all, because in previous version you had to do that if you didn't want to lose your progress...


I answered what he asked. I see the special eds kids stick together. Good to see.

ok genius, I was consulting before run the update, on the previous updates they recommended to save the files just in case, and I was asking which one were the files to save just in case, if you have Daddy issues go to somewhere else, if you don't have any productive thing to say, just keep your mouth shut. Sometimes is better keep quiet and don't look like an idiot than talk and confirm that...


I answered what you asked. Not my problem you're tech illiterate.


Hey man! If you're still wondering on how to keep your progress here are some ways:

*Keep the current version of the game and install the current one, the save files should be fine.. Hopefully.

*In case you need to uninstall the current version of the game to install the latest one (To be safe, do the first three steps, before installing the update even if you don't need to uninstall the current one, because it might delete your current saves)

 -goto your File Manager or an Archiver(I use ZArchiver)

 -goto the Folder 'Android' then 'data' then the data folder for Harem Hotel, then copy the 'saves' folder (or the data folder of Harem Hotel)

 -after copying it, create a separate folder to paste the data on.

 -then uninstall the current version of the game and install the latest, afterwards copy-paste the data that you copied earlier to the data folder of Harem Hotel in 'Android'-'data'.

Tell me if you can't fully figure it out, I'll try to make this 'Instruction' better. I'm not the best at this.

Don't even start Ypmaws.. Just don't.

Hi I am first time of playing this.

Pls let me know how to save data🙂🙂

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Right-click and navigate to save and choose a save slot... How is that hard?😅

if your using ANDROID... Then i dont know😅😅

thanks I got it

Runey, could you update the Android version so that it wouldnt take a literal minute to get the game open?

Or is it a phone-based problem?


That is an issue with your phone being very slow.

Well yeah... I only have an Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 on my phone so 😂😂

same here bro

It really takes time


What would you like him to do about you having a shitty out dated phone? You are why devs end up quitting.

mmm... Well it IS an 1 year old model... maybe i should spend about 500 Euros every half a year for a little bit of newer phone for ONE SINGLE GAME-.-

Could you sir PLEAAAASE stop spamming your SHIT if you cannot be civil enough to answer properly.

Or if you cant, you also dont HAVE to. -.-


You're spamming with idiocy. What would you like? Everyone to pat your head and say its ok?


this is one of the best h games i have played 

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Hey Runey! Could you sometime in the future updates create a Tifa(Final Fantasy)-looking girl?

a -1??? WHAT straight man could ACTUALLY not like Tifa?? O_O


i said Tifa-LOOKING girl!



Your not even TRYING to troll effectively anymore are you? -.-


Dude he ain't trolling, he's just letting all of his stress out on us, every time he sees something that sounds stupid to him. Even if he has to bend the words that we typed, just so he can make us pissed as well.

I have played through most of the content in 0.7.2 but am still having issues getting 2/3 of the "others" tab. I got the scene with Felicity and Ashley in the bar but can't get the other two. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even a clue at this point. Lol

yeah same here :D Ive heard that some say that you have to put the ´´True story`` cheat in the game to get one. Havent got it to work though :/

You'll want to spank moon.


Never got Kali to sleep in the bed with me at night.... Or Emma... Everyone else yes


Thats because you cant sleep with either of them yet. Nor can you with Autumn.



Made an account here just to say this game is too good. Played it all in 3 days and that's without the cheat codes and restarting one time after the Android showed up. This game is amazing. Very well done, characters backgrounds are intriguing, just all around best game to play in your free time.

Hey i have question. Do I have to pay for lactation mod?



Just so we're all on the same page, not real cash. You don't have to be a patreon sub or whatever. In game currency.

But it said already 'SOLD OUT' I even didn't buy it. Do I need a cod or anything?

no. Youll need to buy the 2nd floor first to get a new girl to which you can by it for ;)


Love this game. easily the best adult game ive ever played. Thanks and keep up the good work. (Felicity best girl


Hi Runey, i needed to say I just downloaded Harem Hotel two days ago, and I am fascinated! The game Is Highly aaddictiv, I fell inlove with it...and Kali. I played to be as loyal to her, i didn't touch her sister and I wish there was a way yo get married to her. What I'm trying yo say is that your game is so cool, i am your fan already. We Will wait for every update from now on. Thank you for your creation!

Thank you! You will definitely be able to marry Kali eventually, as well as any of the other main girls you choose :)

Runey when should we expect the next update? I can't wait! Also I played through it all in 3 days I love this game.

Some time in September :)

Is it long waiting for the next update?


So, I want to start off by saying that this is hands down the best adult game I have ever played, and that I commend you for your writing and hard work!

Then, I wanted to ask whether, in the next update, we will be able to do some more things with the elves in the sanctuary?

Yeah! More content for the elves will be coming.


I also agree this is the best adult game I have ever played. It has my vote. 8)

Will Felicity and Emma be able to go to the dungeon/basement thingy in future updates? Just wondering! 

Absolutely! In fact, half of Felicity's dungeon content is in the latest beta build :)

The game is big for this kind of project. A lot of hard disc space. Are you sure it doesn't contain any unused assets, lines of code, textures, models, etc. ?

Yes! I actually compress the game a lot already. Without the current compression, the game would be 30 - 60GB.

What is face sitter. How about action?

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for maria, just eat her out a lot and for android, you need to unlock her femdom mode which requires...I am not entirely sure, I got a scene where I took her to the hot springs and the activated it, but I am not sure what triggered it. just eat them out a lot.

Does any body know the money code

locked for Patrons :/

its locked, but you don't particularly need it. Just focus on getting the bar/decking it out with some investments (at the end) and I won't spoil, but you could also just do kail's story line as much as possible. 

Its gimmesomemoney i dont know if its supossed to be locked for patrons but it works for me btw im not a patron i just saw the command on the internet i donno what website tho

What is paizuri star, how about actions?

Trait for the ´´lvl 10 boobjobs``

Thanks bro

Regarding the girls Runey... Your not going to make any of them ´´die`` or something in their future stories? 😥


Of course not!

Huh... Thanks Runey 😌

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Can you please add Moon😍😍 to the hotel permanently? such we can take her to a date and visit her sleep with her just like the main characters

I do like moon but i like juliet better the goth girl if you dont know her name i seriously feel bad for her cuz none of the characters remember her id l Iike for her to be in the hotel vefore moon but its not up to me to decide

What is the option of "Visit the Sanctuary" used for when faced towards where you receive mail


The Sanctuary is... A Sanctuary(:D) for the 3 Elves you get when you go forward with Lins story. Youll have to build it for 3000 first though.

So what lvl of friendship is needed for you to start taking picture?

With who?


This game is really good, I enjoyed it more than just about any other visual novel/dating sim that I've played. It's certainly the best use of 3d modelling and animated sex-scenes ive had the pleasure of seeing, although the exceptionally large breasts feel a bit weird to me as they almost always do. Still I love all the characters and the variety and consistent quality of the scenes and dialogue involving them, especially Ashley.


I wish that the dungeon scenes were more universal though. Many poses are used by multiple characters, and I wish I could do them all with them all. That said I have no clue how much work that would take or if it's remotely practical. Definitely still love the game.


Might wanna give me a NOTIFICATION if you delete my post -.-

Also i think its just plain stupid to think that people dont just search for the cheats on the web...


Yeah, that's fine. Those codes are meant for patrons, so I'll do my best to keep it to them, but I'm not paranoid about that or anything haha. It's just a little rude to blatantly advertise codes meant for supporters.

I'm new here, and I know there is somewhere you can put some kind of code to unlock event? So where do I find more information about these codes?

You'll definitely want to put in the code 'truestory' on your computer. Other cheat codes are locked for patrons.

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So why did you delete my comment where i asked what THAT cheat does? -.-

Well... WHAT does it do? 😅

find out :P not everything can be spoonfed to yah


Yeah... It only changes their ´´Clones`` to ´´Twins``... Anything else?

Deleted post

Love the game! Been playing a little while now. Ashley's story hit too close to home. Any advice on a good time to upgrade to the bar? Don't want it to be a deficit. I was thinking of having a good surplus before upgrading. 

I think buying the bar asap and listening to Ellen's advice is the best way to go. If you're not horribly unlucky, the highest advertisements are the best.

Thanks! I'm doing just that. I can't wait to see more!

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on android phone when ever i click on maria's photo sesion it shows huge code, than it wanted me to quit please fix

This has been fixed. You need to update.

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