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this game is really good! i spent a good 6 hours playing it and managed to finish the storyline. i did find a bug though. opening the game, i accidentally clicked new game instead of load. bare in mind i have two save files, an updated one and another one that i hadn't overwritten. so i used the quick load option but it loaded my second save file. when i opened the load menu, both save files were up to the point of the second save file. basically, i lost quite a lot of progress. i obviously don't mind replaying the game from where i left off because it's really good but it was a bit frustrating.

good luck on the development of this game! i look forward to updates.

Ahh, sorry to hear that! I don't have much control over how saves work, unfortunately. I can customize the UI and size and what not, but what you described is out of my control.

Thank you for enjoying my game!

um, sorry for the bother but how long do an update usually takes? As i am very excited for the next update. Thank you very much!!!

Each version (v0.3, v0.4, v0.5 etc) will take about a month and a half if you're not a patron.
However, if you're a $20+ Patron, you get it a week and a half early. If you're a $5+ patron, you get it a week early.
Or, if you want the Beta versions (Weekly builds that come out once I start working on the update), you get to see the version grow until it's released ($10+ patron)

If it isn't too much trouble, could you make an option for the animations to be in the older style with a couple frames? The newer animations take a little while to load and I'd rather keep reading than have a better animation. 


I love this, I'm totally in love with Lin, she's so cute, I'd marry her, Ashley is gorgeous but crazy.just quality through and through,well done,keep it coming.

how do i keep going from an old version 


cant wait version 0.5 hmmm


since itch wont let me download it , is there anywere els i can dowload it 

Yes, the Patreon page linked at the top should allow you to download it.


why i cant download pc version?

Are you using the Itch app? That might be the problem. The itch app doesn't like mega links for some reason.

When will the game be completed


A very long time from now. Content is being added every month, and I'd like to add as much content as I can to Harem Hotel until I feel happy enough with it, and it feels completed to me.

hey, it seems your app is incompatible with oreo. I keep getting a error with it parsing the package.

Make sure there's at least 5 gigs free before attempting to install the game.


For anyone who is using Mac and can't get the game downloaded, just allow the pop-up by clicking "setting" 

By the way, the game is really nice, thank you for working on it <3 


any reason why it won't download from the standalone windows app? downloading it in the browser works fine but not from the app...


Sounds like the Itch app is broken.

The error that I get says that the download is from an incompatible third-party site. If you upload the latest free version to directly, it should start working.


The latest version is currently uploaded here. I have beta versions of the next update that will come soon.

I'm not sure why it would say it's from an incomplete third party site. Perhaps the Itch app doesn't like mega links?

That is probably it. I wonder if has a list of "good" and "bad" third-party sites available for downloading through the itch client.


Runey I have a question. You said there will not be any NTR. I noticed you can cheat on Kali with her sister though so will there be any Cuckqueaning (meaning a guy cheating on the girl as opposed to vice versa)?

Well, HH is a Harem game. You have sex with a lot of girls, you have a lot of relationships with a lot of girls.

Kali has said something along the lines of "I don't care who else you like, as long as we're together." But she's specifically annoyed about it from her sister because Lucia has always been annoying to Kali. Kali is very aware she's not MC's only lover.

So, technically yes? Although, technically no.

Kali is fine with you seeing other girls, Ashley wants you all to herself, but would rather have You + Your other relationships than no You all together, Lin is happy to serve, Maria is a big fan of having an orgy, so... Android is also happy with everything.

Thanks for caring and asking the question :)


this game doesnt seem to download either on the itch app or on the website. anyone know hot to fix this?

If you're trying to download it on Itch, and have a popup blocker, that could be the issue. Patreon also works fine. Are you on Android? If you are, the the download starts, but later stops, you may need to clear up more space on your phone. Having around 5 gigs or more free should do the trick.

oh sorry i meant the itch desktop app not android. I'll give the patreon a try.


really nice game, the models are high quality and the music is great....cant wait to see kali's completed storyline gonna try and donate real soon


Is there any way to download it anywhere else than mega?

f95zone has quite a few mirrors for Harem Hotel. It may be worth googling for it.

In the end I just waited the 5 hours ^_^"

But thank you!

I feel like I spend hours browsing NSFW games on Itch. I feel like I have finally found a GOOD one. XD XD XD 


I think I played this game for like 3 hours now and I love it! First I thought that It wouldn't be such a great game since I play on my phone but It's really amazing and I haven't even seen all characters yet! The graphics are so beautiful! The music is relaxing and just perfect but I still hope to hear more. The animations are almost perfect but I guess it can't get better so awesome job! This game doesn't get boring after the first 3 hours. There's still so much to do! I especially love the Dreamscape VR idea. It's something I've never seen in a game before. To wrap it all up: I love this game and I want to see more. You already did a very great job and I see all this effort. I wonder what else will come. I hope to see even more characters in the future. Everything else can't get better... Or can it? Anyways don't rush this game please and take your time with everything. I can wait a long time to see even more of this beautiful game. Thank you for working on it!

Bro I love your game! Pls tell me, how can i Support you, send me a link!! And pls by v 0.5, make that is possible to buy Lin's Sis l, as new Slave/ Maid. You work so hard for These game!! Respect!!!! 

PS: sorry, if my English is bad, im German!

Oh thanks! You can support me on Patreon, it's the first link at the top of the page :)

why i can't download harem hotel ? help :c

Are you on PC or Mac? If it's not working on Itch, try my Patreon page.

If you're on Android, I'm not sure what the issue is at the moment.

PC, using Itch, i'll try on patreon, thanks :3 <3 

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Could you please change the subtitles and buttons from white to black it's difficult to see the options on the computer. Also new update won't install on my android for some reason

This new update fixed the issue of the UI not showing behind your options (which is why it's hard to read it on your computer)

As for why it's not installing, I'm not sure.

I figured you might have fixed that in the new update I just haven't been able to use it yet it I dont know if this will help you or not but it installs like 75% of the way and and it stop and says installation failed.

So I figured out the issue which might make it easier for you to fix or help other people that are experiencing the issue I had but for me to install the new version the .4 I had to uninstall my old one I lost my saved data which oh well it's a great game that I enjoy playing so I dont mind playing it over again

Oh, okay! Sorry that you lost your saves, but thanks! Now I know what to tell people.

Uhm, I haven't tried this solution yet, but it might work. You can copy the saved data of your progress from the v0.3.5 patch by going to Files->Android->Data" find the game"->"copy -> paste the data to a new folder -> Uninstall the Late Patch and Install the New one. Then paste the saved data to the location of the new patch which can be found in Files->Android->Data-> then you just have to find the game. Havent tried it yet. But it has no risks, since you played the game all over again.


Will there be a new version for free?

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Absolutely. This game will always be free, but patrons have early access which helps me fix bugs.


You're a great game dev.

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Just downloaded and played on Android for a while. Great game. Is it possible to save your game saves across platforms? If I play on Android, is it possible to transfer over to Mac and play from where I left off last time on Android?

Andoid version is running smooth for me by the way.

There's not way I know of that lets you use saves cross platform.

Speaking of the Android build, when v0.4 launches, It'll fix the UI problem. Maybe you've run in to the issue where the button UI is missing, or just looks bad. Either way it should be fixed :)


Thanks for the reply. I figured it out. Just in case anyone else asks.

What you do is go into: Android > data > haram.hotel > files > saves.

Copy and paste the 'saves' file into the saves folder of the other device. 

I'll try and see if I can do the save to Mac later today. 

As for the UI problem, it works fine for me. Maybe the problem is different with certain phones. I'm on Oneplus6, rooted.

The only major problem I has is when using the computer to buy items, gifts or spy. The computer screen is sky blue but the text is in white. So you can't really see what you are pressing. It would be nice if the text was black or the background was a different color.

Thanks again.


Haha, that's the issue I was talking about. Here's a picture of what it should look like.

haaaaaahahahaha. Yeah that.

That's the only problem I've experienced so far on Android. Other than that, smooth sailings 😉

Hi why can't I download this on my Android phone? I tried the Patreon one too and it still says "App Not Installed" please help me I want this game so bad

The Android version seems to be very buggy. Even if you were to be able to install it, you may run in to a number of other issues.
I don't know how to troubleshoot Android, so I can't help you there. Though there are a number of others who know how to help you in the public discord :)

gay when

how do you download this game?

If it's not working here, try downloading it from my Patreon Page

When is the next build? Need moar Ashley.

In the next two weeks :)

Feel free to join the public discord for more updates.


Hey Runey, is there any female domination stuff? Most of the girls seem pretty submissive. I even lowered Lin's obedience to see what would happen and nothing really happened.


In a general sense, this game is mostly about getting girls to like you and have them do things, so submission is a big theme in this game. But there is light femdom stuff, specifically with Ashley and Felicity. Femdom as a whole probably won't be a big part of this game unless a character were to be introduced who's story is about them starting off as a girl in control, and you training her to be more submissive.

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runey runey runey...YOU DA MAN!!!  so since i'm a huge rpg fan, i always like exploring every option b4 deciding which route 2 take.  so when felicity asked me for $$$, naturally i was a curious cat n decided 2 see what would happen if i did...YOU ARE FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!  it was worth the time just 2 see your sense of humor!! (n yes, i DID ACTUALLY click ALL 8 "no" options just 2 see if i could get something else 2 come up :D  of course the last one was the best ;p )

(5 edits)

ok, just finished day 31 w/maria's video if there's no actual impregnation in the game (until the end, from what i hear), i know i lose 2 affection points if i cum inside her (NICE reaction btw on that, ironic after my previous post)...but will that make a difference in helping her (or any girl) gain cum dump or cumslut status?  like will cumming inside them accelerate those ratings, or is it just the number of loads they receive period, whether or not it's inside or outside?

p.s.  OMMFG!!  ROTFLMMFAO!!  kali's dad is HILARIOUS!!  CANT WAIT 2 see what happens w/this!!  (not 2 mention maybe a sister-sister-3way) :D   UPDATE:  just realized i'm gonna be gone a couple days w/kali at her dad's place while crazy ashley's been at school the whole time catching up...n even though i checked on her i didn't let her know i was gonna be gone, let alone w/one of the girls from the motel...YEAH, THIS is gonna end well!!

p.p.s.  i hope i'm not gonna regret this, but given that i have lin at 100 obedience, i'm gonna free her ooth times n hope that leads 2 something good instead of her hating me (though i can get those points back any time)  maybe sylvia or another hot elf will wanna come stay with her/us because i was willing 2 free her?

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hey runey...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this!!!  so 1st i thought camp pinewood was the best flash NSFW game i had played, then i thought it was dating my daughter...but your game is utterly A-MA-ZING!!  1 problem i'm having though (n i'm not just asking u out of the blue...i've been searching forums n boards all weekend, n cant find NETHING that tells me how 2 meet/find android...just finished day 30 (cruel joke 2 drop lin's lust points back down to zero if u peek in on her...wouldnt she just frig herself 2 orgasm neway?)

n the only time i saw a reference 2 her is when she peeked her head around the corner from the kitchen when i was in the lobby.  didn't pay much attention 2 it at the time, since i figured i'd meet her shortly....but that was what, like 7-8 in-game days ago?  so did i fuck up n somehow miss her, or does she come along shortly?

p.s.  got lin's obedience up to 100 either on 28th or 29th day, just set her as my alarm clock (17 FP, 4 lust, 7 slut, n 3 obed); kali has 15 FP, 10 affection, n 8 slut; ashley has 14 FP, 16 affection, n 9 slut; n maria has 8 FP, 8 affection, n 5 it's not like i haven't explored every possible avenue i could find...n i'm just now finishing the 1st month

p.p.s.  THANKS AGAIN for the "truestory" code...tho in your intro u mention there are other codes in the info tab, but the only one listed was to jump to the end of ch.1...were there supposed to be any others?  (oh...n LUV the crazy angle on the saying goes, "NEVER stick your dick in crazy!!"  n saw ur comment below about having plans 4 her...cant wait!!  (n yeah, i think it was on F95 i read where u said it'd be impossible 2 work in each girl getting preggo, like ash wants 2 get, but what about working in the girls freaking out when u cum inside them, n they're afraid they might've just gotten knocked up, n resort 2 kinky/twisted methods 2 avoid it?  just a thought...)

Thanks for playing!

So you can't find the Android...? Do you have enough rooms for her to stay in? Do you have the second floor?

Based on those friendship point stats, you're a couple levels away from finishing Kali and Ashley, and about half way on Maria.

(3 edits) that's what it takes then...i had thought about that.  but no, not yet...i've spent my $$$ on the dungeoh n rope outfits for the girls, plus the other outfits i had to get for certain scenes (succubus, slutty schoolgirl, lin's bondage one. kali's bunny one)...damn girls n their clothes.  b/c yeah, i was trying 2 save up enuff $$$ 2 do both the 2nd level n the dungeon, but my main priority/goal was getting the friend n affection points, which meant getting the outfits...n just got the twins (YES, TWINS!!) suspended for picking on ashley, so i'm guessing they cant come stay either until that 2nd level is built.  i was hoping maria would move in w/ashley 2 make room for the twins in their own room.  would've  been nice if kali had shared some of the $500 she got for masturbating on that guy's porch (why on earth would u spend that on  ONE  dress??)   guess i'll make good use out of the dungeon until i raise the dough, thanks

btw, couldnt android just stay wherever she'd been staying in the motel ever since grandfather owned it? when u say i'm a couple points away from finishing kali's n ashley's stories, i got the congrats popup from u saying i'd completed kali's story (18 FP).  but i've got ashley at 22FP, n had "THE TALK" w/both of them, n either didn't get a completed storyline for ashley, or somehow missed it (got kali's after having the talk w/ashley...??)  n if i'm not close on lin, how high up does she have 2 get?  UPDATE:  so i just got the finished storyline for ashley after doing the whole sex-on-the beach thing w/maria, so there's that...

p.s.  so is there an end 2  this thing, or does it just go on-n-on for countless days, as long as someone wants 2 play it?

There is currently no end of any of the characters. Everything in the game is still being developed.

yo runedog, ok, so in theory i could play the game indefinitely (no limit on the # of days then).  n LUV ashley's mom showing up on day 40, tho was kinda hoping she'd show her daughter how it's really done (since all the other girls have been amazed at the size of his dick), get swept up in her lust, n then she n ashley could replicate what maria n ashley did (more incest PLEASE!!)  :D  again, just "food" for thought n future story ideas.  n btw, is there an achievement notice for finishing lin, like the other 3, or no?

btw, can't imagine ne1 playing this who'd be offended at the idea of either 2 sisters or mom-daughter...isn't that EVERY guy's fantasy??!!

There is indeed a notification letting you know when you finish each girl's story as of the current update, including Lin.

Incest isn't allowed on Patreon which is my main and only source of income. I wouldn't want to jeopardize that.

Played the game for a few hours and im really liking the game great job on what you have done so far this is a really fun and good game!

The game wont download for the itch client? Help please?

Try downloading it from my Patreon

Will this game be free or do you have to do patron to get the full game?

Harem Hotel will always be free! But there are rewards for patrons, such as alpha and beta access, and an early release copy.

Ok, cool. Thank you for the info.


Man, I honestly love how the in-game player character cynically and humorously responds to anything Felicity says later in the game. It's so hilarious to me. I'd love some femdom themes including Felicity and Ashley. Will pledge as soon as I get my paycheck, best lewd game yet

So it won't let me pledge. I was trying to do the $5 Pledge but it just declined my card. That sucks. Really wanted that new build.

Patreon recently moved to a UK bank, and some cards are having a very hard time processing. It may be worth calling your bank.


Will there be any femdom stuff? I particularly like the idea of Ashley locking you in chastity so none of the other girls can get to you. Maybe it'll be a dream sequence. Although I imagine if the player informed Ashley of such an opportunity she'd be more than happy to indulge in it. I think how it would go down is the player would buy a cage and get Ashley to help with it and BOOM (or should I say Click ;) you've given your sex life to a teenage yandere (who totally isn't inspired by Toga from MHA).

I have something planned with Ashley ;)

I like.

Honestly the idea of Ashley cockblocking you from having a harem and keeping you to herself is just to scrumptious to pass up in my opinion but it's your game. I just noticed a significant lack of femdom or otherwise assertive female characters. I guess Ashley is kind of assertive but only to Maria that one time.

How do I download V0.3?

As of today v0.3 is not out to the public. $20+ Patrons get access to v0.3 for 3 days. After that, $5+ Patrons will get access to v0.3 for a week. Then the public will get access on Sept 10

I can't install for some reason :(

Try downloading from my Patreon page, instead of from

It's downloading. Thank you


Great game. I enjoyed it! Looking forward to future updates :)

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