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Dude, I just wanted to shot you a note.  I found this game this week and am already caught up already.  I think it's hand down the best game I've found in a really long time.  I love all the characters, and their stories were really well done and some of them get you in the feels really hard!  I didn't like a few of them initially, but as their stories unfolded and they developed they all got really dear after a while.  So freaking great job with it, you have another Patreon supported now.  I hope this games continues on and on for a really really long time.  Kudos, man!

Thank you so much!

Runey, when the next update comes out (hopefully), how can I update the game without having to uninstall it? I do not want to lose my progress

If you're on PC, just download the new version, and run the .exe. All your saves will be there.

If you're on Android

1. Go to file manager
2. Go to "Android" file
3. Go to "data"
4. Go to "Harem Hotel"
5. Go to the saves file
6. You can either copy the save file as a whole or copy each file that is in the file
7. Create a new folder wherever you want (Not in Harem Hotel file) then paste it in there

Hey Runey good daay I was on day 65 and i still haven't save my progress? How to save I cant find it 

The game does auto save, but to manually save, press right click. If you're on Android, but I'm not how to help you. You'll have to google how to save on a Renpy game on Android.

Thank you :D 

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I'm right now at the beggining and want to enter my name but the keyboard wont go away when I typed the name in. and so I cant continue playing it, Btw I'm on android

Did you click the enter button

Download google keyboard

I entered "truestory" code but the "???" Is gone. Did I miss something?

Play through Lucy's story

After Kali story is done? or before?

Whenever her events pop up.

What happens if you free Lin? And i haven't done the slave sex comp. Anyone have info on either subject for me?


lindo of odd this says 6.0 yet your patron says 5.0 also I think it's funny how you said you would not be able to update for a while yet you still took money from.your supporters  instead of putting a stop unroll you could update again

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The public downloads on my Patreon have been taken down, which includes v0.5. I'm talking to Patreon about Ashley, and it's finally coming to a close.

Per Patreon's terms of service, I cannot link to anything against their terms of service. At the moment, Ashley is against their terms of service but is being fixed as we speak. If I were to mention on Patreon, Patreon would see it as a direct download on their site.

Would you rather I take the $5 build down, and cheat patrons out of what they're paying for? I personally think that would be a bad idea.

I don't want my Patreon to be banned, as it is my only source of income and is my only job.

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No but you could put a pause on getting any incom untill it gets sorted out so they don't fell like they are giving you money for nothing

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The point of Patreon is to support creators. Patreon is not a platform like Steam to sell things on. I'm not selling anything, rather I'm providing incentive for people to support me. Incesntives are found on each tier. Patrons still get their rank in discord, and still get their custom art. Everyone is still getting what they're pledging for. And aside from that, like I said, Patreon is a platform for members to support creators by donating money.

these guys at patreon are donating their money because they want to help runey. they are not buying actually anything bruh. you're getting it so wrong. 

how can appear felicity on the shower.. I just find emma, but felicity is never there

There's a 50% chance Emma or Felicity will show up in the shower on that day.

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wow really? i always find felicity.weird...


how is the update coming along? and i know it just came out with the .6 

Pretty bad, honestly. Patreon is making me change Ashley's outfit from her school uniform, to a different uniform. I'll have to replace hundreds, or thousands of images. This means v0.7 will be delayed by an additional 1 - 3 weeks after I get confirmation from Patreon on exactly what I need to replace...

have u ever thought about like frainds or family helping

Of course.


Runey just sayin, if u have some plans on making a new game I would like the mc/character or the person will play as a girl. That'd be awesome!

I have something in mind... ;)


there is a trap /pixel im not sure if that sliped or what after the no ntr warning


NTR = Cheating. There will never be cheating in this game.


ntr is also a kinda trap


ntr is also a kinda trap

Hello is it possible to play the saves from the previous ver to the new one?

Yep. Simply download the new update, extract it to your desktop, and run the .exe. Your saves will already be there.


Hi, just downloaf yesterday, i want to ask why in my game i only can ask kali for go out  for cafe and where can i find computer codes?

Cheat codes are for $5 patrons.

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and how to open kali's story, i play for 6 hours , knock her door everyday but nothing happen since the cafe scene with red dress on her

What's Kali's friendship?

Did you have the card of this girls to play on honey select?

Yes, I made all the girls in Harem Hotel from scratch. However, I wont be sharing them.

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Characters aren't that hard to make. You could easily make look-alikes with some slider tweaking, although I'm assuming some mods are involved. BTW awesome work Runey. The game is downright hilarious 

Where version 7? I really want to download and to play it. I so excited.

v0.6 just came out 2 days ago.

I just finished all characters story and waiting new version. If version, please tell me soon.

Unfortunately v0.7 has been delayed further. Had Patreon been quick with their response, I could have been done with Ashley's remake (her school uniform needs to be replaced with casual wear due to Patreon's Terms of Service)

Found this game 4 days ago and I am loving it (Favorites are Emma and "Insert Name Here" android). Been binge playing it for a while now and I've come across something in Lucia's menu where it says ask a friend, do i have to trigger an event or something?


Use the code: truestory


Ah ok thank you, also thank you for your hard work on this project. I hope everything goes smoothly for you moving on.

Ma fren

Just wanted to let you know that I downloaded the Mac v 0.6.1 last night & the zip file turned up to be incomplete & thus the game would not start.

Sounds like your download was corrupted. Try redownloading it.

Can't because I've reached my Mega download limit for the time being.  I will try later when they allow me to.

I re-downloaded from Mega today with the same result - the .zip file was missing something that was needed.  I use the Unarchiver program to unzip files. 

It could be that the file posted on Mega for the Mac version has some kind of a problem because I have downloaded other games from Mega without any issues today.

Runey is v0.7 out?

btw loved the game, nice work keep at it!

Haha no, of course not. v0.6 just came out. The planning of v0.7 for the work of v0.7 hasn't even begun.


thanks for the reply!(love ur game!)

Hi, may I ask if there is an specific version to update from 0.5 to 0.6 (in windows)? or should i just move my saves to the 0.6 saves folder?

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All you need to do when a new version of the game comes out is download it, extract it on to your desktop, and run the .exe. Any merging will break the game. Your saves will be there waiting for you.

hi.. Whats news in the 6.0?.. I upgrade from 5.3 today and just had 1 conversation with each girl and the story is over again.. I thought there would be more history

Take a look at the patch notes.
v0.6 also includes things like the redesigned computer, the bar and it's many events, side character stories with Lucy, Ellen Kate, etc. And more.

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I'm not able to install v0.6, it gives the error.

Dear author, Thank for you outstanding game, could you please tell me how to enter the event of Lucy? I was playing with the archive of version v0.5.3. Besides the code truestory has been entered!


Thank you! Lucy content was added in v0.6, and is only accessible through using the code: truestory

When I type somethjng in the words i write double.

Like when I get the submission high enough and want to change a name, if i named someone Yumi, it would write YumiYumi.

Sounds like an issue with your keyboard. Try downloading Google Keyboard.

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Is it possible for you to make an update replacement apk so that i don't have to download 1.32 Gb anymore?

Like, separate the [Obb] file and the [Apk] file so that it can replace updates

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FYI, the phone android version has a bug (public version). When you want to go to sleep in order to end the first day nothing happens and it remains night. The next day doesn't start. Previous versions of the game always worked fine on my device.


Thanks for the report, I listed right above the download links that it was buggy after I heard of the bug. The bug has been fixed :)

Did you fix the Android version or PC version because I'm having that problem on PC

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Thank you for looking into it, however now I'm unable to install the (fixed) android version at all. I don't know what has been fixed, but it only seems worse. I've  uninstalled the broken version beforehand (as I do every time, otherwise the new version won't install, which is a known problem with all the android versions that came before it), and yet it will still not install, it runs but stops just before the end and gives the message that the app is not installed.

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Okay, I was finally able to install the apk file (I had to restart my mobile device, which may have cleaned some cache files or not), however this version still has the same bug. Sleeping does not forward you to the next morning, so you keep getting stuck on the first day and thus can't progress.

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i  have a vew things ill like to add will we ever se the andorid without her mask and there was something up with lin in her sceans is that jest me? Its Going like a stop motion thing but anyways keep up the good work also who is ur fav person to make. Plus i dont know how to train anyone is there an option or something.

Some animations in the game need to be remade, and a lot of them have been in v0.6.
As a part of Androids story, around mid way through, you see her face.
There are multiple ways to train the girls, Sex (vaginal, anal, blowjob, etc), Exhibitionism (At the Cafe or Beach), Submission (in the dungeon) Affection (Choosing the right things to say, taking them out on dates) and Obedience (for the maids) (Choosing the right things to say, and telling them to do stuff)

but  who was ur fav person to make and why

onthe 2nt floor there was a empty room in v06  will that be filled?

In v0.6, no. That room will be filled whenever the new character is added.

Where can I find version 0.6

Here, or on my Patreon, when it's done.

can u tell me how to open ??? option on lucy.. i cant even find how to open that scene

Use the code: truestory

and why i cant open the threesome scene? it says TODO

TODO means To Do. You're not playing the public build, you're playing a build meant for bug testers.

aaaa i see, thanks runey!


When's0.6 gonna be public


Nearly forgot to share this here, i'm doing a series on this Harem adventure.

This version fixed gallery crash?

I'm android player:) thanks you


How long till the next update???

Until v0.6 releases publicly? It releases on the 19th :)

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hey....i've done all events in ver 0.6 ( beta 3 ) good job bro..but Ashley's storyline made me sad.... lol...btw when can i buy other Elves? In ver 0.6 ( offical )or in ver 0.7 ?please Hurry..ha ha

Thanks for playing! The Elves will likely join in v0.7

(P.S, Pre Release 2 is out now ;) )

Bro, how did you get all the Lucy Events? I cant trigger them...

Use the code: truestory

TY Runey <3 

Btw, cant wait for V0.7 to see more of Felicity and Emma. Keep the good work!!


Runey, will you add more Foot Fetish stuff?
I really enjoyed playing Ashley route

Nice Game

It's a possibility.

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When does .6 release for public?

P.s love the game good work

In roughly 1 and a half week.

so I dont mind playing the story mode over and over again beacuse it always changes and I've noticed that there are websites that my phone cant access, but there are few wich I can download harem hotel. I hope those websites get those v0.6 updates I love the game! Its brought me back to life! I would love to see violet as a normal guest though it's sad you decided to have her as a non important character. 

yea thats what i was thinking to

Sup Runey,

Will v0.6 be downloadable for free or just as a patreon member?


v0.6 will be free once the update finishes.


Thanks! I, the sick fuck I am, anticipate it.

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