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Wait, i could have downloaded it on Itch all this time? Ffs

What can I do if Android obedience is lower than 1 ? I cannot find her in kitchen, and she won't let me get inside her room...

Visit her in the Kitchens when she normally goes there and give her head pats or make her clean your room.

kitchens? you mean there are 2 kitchens? as Lin always there.

Or I miss something ?

Thanks a lot!

Lin is morning shift, android is afternoon and night shift I think


got it, thx !

I like this game so much ! thx developer !

I'm not a developer lol

Runey, how do i unlock the 2 Lucia scenes? I've finished Kali's story but nothing is happening with her

Use the code: truestory

Runey, before 0.7 update, the game on android divices run very smooth, after that, the game just lag when new day begin with raining, can you please fix it? @@!

This is a problem with the hardware on your phone. It's not able to handle the increased quality of the day transition.

oh, okay, i think i'll acept it then *not sad*

and, yeah, 1 more question, can i change my name during the gameplay?not from the begining?

How to increase android friendship???

What's her current friendship?

I just unlock her


hello runey, it is the best game i have ever seen in this section. i really appreciate your work here. 

ı wonder when sylvia comes and wants us to free lin. does it changes storyline ? if so what will it change? i am stuck at there, ı dont want to keep going without being sure because ı started over 3 times, don't want to repeat again

Freeing Lin will have no in game consequences.

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Hello dear developer I wanted to know what the requirements for Emma and felicity to join are I played the previous version completed it but accidentally deleted it but now I can't get them to join

Android btw

They join on a specific day. You just need to get to day 45.

don't you mean, day 45 ( and floor 2 constructed ) ? 


just got started playing 0.7 (after porting in my old save) and loving the Emma/Felicity arc right now with Lin XD

How can i unlock the middle gallery went y told me to spank moon how y can do it

You need the bar to do Moon's content.

I have the bar now so what can i do to get Moon content

There's a bug in the current version that prevents Moon's content. I'll be uploading a patch within the next 3 hours.

How to get the first one?

I sstill cant get the one before the empty one

Deleted post

complete her sister's story (can use code truestory if you've already done Kali's story.

Will any content be added to Nidra?


Please give me a hint, to open the remaining event in this photo. Thank you very much..

I have unlocked almost all in-game events. And there is no leftover clue. Who has unlocked this event please help me..Thanks!

Spank moon!

I did it, thank you very much.

see when i do that i get my lights punched out. lol

Why would you spank her until she punches you? Don't push her so hard! Haha.

because it's funny watching her immediately swing around and down you with a single punch. lol

How to get the first one on that three event?

if you've completed Kali's story use the code 'truestory' on the PC in your room. then head to the hot springs while nobody is there.

I always get caught up in this charade.( What can be found at the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end, and the end of every place? )

Beginning of Eternity, the end of timE and spacE, the beginning of every End, and the end of every placE


Guys help me please..i played harem hotel since v 0.5 and v 0.6 , saved alot of money in game .When v 0.7 came,i download it and bought elves but i got none ,i got no sex sences or any blowjobs from those elves, what should i do? All stats r full, got new update sences from other characters but got none from 3 elves ,i even raised their happiness with luxury food and nia's supplies lol help me please

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So far, the only way to get sexual content with them is by choosing the slave route.

Wtf..that's what i m looking u mean we will never have sex sences if we choose equal route? Damn..fix this in v 0.8 please lol


Of course, you'll get sex content with them in the love route. You can't make them have sex with you and attempt to have an equal relationship with them.

Friend, do you know the answer to Kate's charade at school?

All the answer you can select it. For the last quetstion just type "e"

I do not understand friend

I always get caught up in this charade.( What can be found at the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end, and the end of every place? )

What can be found at the beginning of "Eternity", the end of "timE" and "spacE", the beginning of every "End", and the end of every "placE"

Let's have best time with new update :D!

what the different of pc and android? i have been play at android and now gonna try pc

Android is a phone, PC is a computer.

i mean about story lol haha

Ayyy .7 is out! This'll be my first time downloading a patch. I hope i keep my save X

Runey I've been awake all night waiting for v0.7, you said it would be available on the 20th, you lied, you traitor. Just kidding, I have been awake all night though.

Same got my dick out for quite a while now.

Time zones, haha.

Say Runey, If I Were To Play The Game To A Certain Length, And Accidentally Got The Game Deleted, Will All Progress Be Resetted? (Android) 

P.S Keep Up The Good Work And Keep The Content Up To Date Often, 10000/10

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I hope it will be released soon today, I have been waiting for it for a very long time .. really, very long times. 😃

I'm incredibly impatient! I stayed up until midnight hoping it would release lol. I really enjoy your game! Keep up the great work!

How can we unlock Lucia "let have fun" second choice

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via the incest cheatcode that can be found on F95zone...

I thought all it did was change the relationship between Felicity and Emma to "twin" instead of "clone" at first, and so I didn't use it until I replayed the game to freshen up on the story, and found that it unlocked the new scene as well. 

And that code being: truestory

Thx guy

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soo... can we save all elves or are we just stuck with lin jin high elf madam proper slut and timid china girl (cant remember the real names so i gave very descriptive ajectives or i could have used other three that ran from their original masters) also 9999/10 game!


10/10... No wait... 

100/100... No... Even that isn't enough... 

1000/1000... O_o

Ok... I can't give this game a proper rating... There just isn't a rating system that'll do it justice...! And it's not even finished yet! Keep up the good work! I will most definitely be heading to your Patreon as soon as I have the fundage to do so. 


how come whenever i dont play the game for longer than an hour, im not able to reopen it because SDL2.dll is missing? i dont know what that is but it sucks cause the game has to keep running all the time. i forgot and now i cant play!

It sounds like your antivirus is trying to delete it. 

DaEarth, are you still having issues with the missing file? I think I would agree with Runey on this issue it indeed sounds like your antivirus is flagging it as either a PUP or a Virus and has either quarantined the file or removed it altogether. I'm not sure which antivirus you are running however if you like myself are running Norton I believe the steps you should take are as follows: Open your antivirus and navigate to either "History" or "Firewall" and try to find the event log mentioning the missing file... There should be a "More options" button (Or something similar) if you click it there should be a "Restore file/folder" option, if you click that you should then be given the option to add the file in question to the ignore list and your antivirus should then ignore the file from that moment onward... Unless you reinstall your antivirus in which case your settings may revert to a "fresh install" state and you may end up having to follow the steps anew.

Hope it helps. :)

You can also manually add the file(s) to your antivirus' ignore list but the steps to do that are a little more involved so if the steps I mentioned earlier don't work you can reply to this message and I will do my best to help you with your issue. :)

(3 edits)

For clarification; Antivirus programs often flag a safe file as being a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) or Virus merely as a safety precaution... It seems to think anything it doesn't know or understand must therefore be something malicious and instead of risking the thing it doesn't know harming your computer it just says "Ok, I don't know what you are so I'm going to put you over here until I can figure out what to do with you." Unfortunately this most often happens with things we actually want to use and are for the most part as unsafe as a plush stuffed animal is to a small child (jokes). So don't be afraid if your antivirus flags something, it just means it doesn't know what it is and is doing what it can to protect you from the stuffed animals. (Ooh scary!) :P 

(EDIT) UNLESS YOU DON'T RECOGNIZE THE ITEM IN QUESTION (As in you didn't install the program or file and have no idea what it is or where it came from), IN WHICH CASE YOU SHOULDN'T CHANGE YOUR ANTIVIRUS' SETTINGS AS IT MAY IN FACT BE A VIRUS! O_O (Sorry forgot to mention that... whew) 

All files relating to this game should be safe as I'm sure Runey wouldn't make a game as good as this one (It's really good by the way Runey, Just wanted to reiterate :P) just to make a virus and install it in your stuff. 

This is the best game I ever played, best story, best character, best background... I don't know :D. Wish you best luck ;)!


Thank you so much!


Dude this is the deepest hentai i have ever play on android, keep up the good work i really like this game, so hype for v0.8

Just have to tell you, i make a new account just to appreciate how good your game is, 10/10

Thank you so much!


Honestly tho. It makes me forget that its made by a singular person 😂


Hi, i just want to say that i really really love your game! This is the best game ever! Can u tell me who is your favourite character and why? Sorry for my bad English hehe

I would say Lin, Ashley, and Android. Because they're cute :)

Do we keep our currnet data wen we download the version of the game?


Hi! love your game, was wondering are you planning to give any content from Ellen? The whole game iv been waited to get some real action just her and me. Literally from the start haha. I know theres something from Maria but i would mean waking up some morning and Ellen would just stand there and saying its time.

Ellen is not a main character, so she doesn't have priority, but she will be getting content whenever I'm able to think of any.

hi bro! when will the free version 0.7 be opened? I will wait ... and still waiting to experience it!


$5 Patrons get it on 13th
Everyone gets access on the 20th

Ok, thank bro.

Will the elves be added in the v0.7?



Hi Runey, avaible when for non Patreon please ?

Is there a reason to buy the ice cream or is it just there for decoration ? I'd love to know in case it unlocks stuff or helps progress some stories !

Doesn't do much at all, haha

When I type somethjng in the words i write double.

Like when I get the submission high enough and want to change a name, if i named someone Yumi, it would write YumiYumi.

And I assume the same thing is happening with cheat codes.

Try downloading google keyboard.

That worked thank you. (And for whatever reason it made my regular keyboard work as well! Technology is weird)

Can i hear voices in this game?? 

When will .7 be available for non patreon

0.7 is out. Thanks you Runey 😍

Hey Runey when the door behind Ellen open??

Soon :)

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