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OKAY for everyone getting the kali mail bug download this!q2xUQaZa!qoR-BzbZjL9Vd06fS9jPaw (not my files just trying to help), drag the script file into the game folder not the scripts folder and re-open. thankyou to whomever released this patch

how can I solve the problem of the kai package no longer let me advance the game I want to receive my elves and I can not because of the problem of the kai package help some solution for Android @runey

Download the mail fix patch on my patreon page.

How do i get the updeted version for my android?

Just download it from here!gQgS3SbI!FcjAmmcwggIcMcrXKyf0vy6ekF6c4mFSljRozXUMP3k

Hi, I have ordered Nia from PC and getting notification to collect her, but every time I went there I keep getting Kali's package instead. I have already completed Kali's quest

I downloaded version 0.8.1 again and it is fixed now, thanks! 

how? I have re-downloaded this game three times and am still getting the kali's gift bug, I am trying to port my game save over as it is ALOT of grinding if I want to start a new game

Start a new game with 0.8.1 and save a dummy file first before copying your old files over. That works for me

Great update, been playing it off and on since this one came out! It seems I'm having the same problem others are having with Kali's messager, though, in that you can't actually give it to her.

Download the mail fix patch

Is there anything with Kate after the pizza date? or is my game bugged, it happened like a month or so ago in-game

How many events of hers have you done?


there is a bug where if you try to get mail, it is always Kali's massager even if you've already done that part of Kali's story. I was trying to get the bunny outfit for Ashley, game told me my mail had arrived, but it was Kali's package. Next day same thing. Kali's Package keeps coming and i can't deliver it her again cause i already did that way early in the story.

Download the mail fix patch

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what do you do after corrupting nia. i love the elves but after the corruption from the talk its back to how it was before.

I have only been able to talk to her one on one once and did you do love route with her or slave. I figured there was more to it in v0.9 unless I am missing something. I have gone to talk to her everyday for 3 in game weeks and nothing.

´´What do you do after CORRUPTING nia.`` I think that already answered your question. 😁

it literally says you have corrupted nia, then its back to how it was before nothing changes.

slave route

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Will Lin ever get normal outfit to replace the Maid Suit?

Like the one you buy her in the clothing store. It would be pretty nice to make where she can wear it.

The game says i should go to the bar at might but when i do nothing happens

What is Maria's friendship?

I just got her to 23

make sure all the bar events are done up to the maria point.

The android version crashes whenever you try to give Felicity a Squirtothon in the dungeon.

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This is likely due to your hardware being outdated.

I doubt it since my phone Galaxy A-10 was just released in March, and that is the only scene that the game crashes in. It just straight up crashes as soon as I click the option.


Hay runey can you talk me how to invite maria to the beach I'm stuck ps love the game


Just go in her room, talk to her, press the one which raises exhibitionism(invite her to the beach) and do all the options, so that you have sex with her at the beach. That gets you forward :)

so i have completed the android mission where you get the grey sweatshirt and now that i'm trying to complete a Lin mission it says i need to buy the human clothing for Android but when i go onto the store and click other it isn't there is this a bug

(could this be caused by me adding the patch to the kali mail bug)

You probably need to level up Android

yeah turns out i hadn't gotten far enough into the campaign yet



The Art work on the Faces of the ladies is outstanding hats off to the artist.

I cant wait to play v.09 when it comes. Thank You for the hard work you have put into this game


How do I fix kali package problem in android?

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I have the same problem, tried to download lains walkthrough but didnt fix it :/

I have tried it. but...

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Download the mail fix patch. On Android, you'll need to place your game on your PC to edit the files. Otherwise, you will likely need to start a new save.

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It's a wonderful game, I can't wait for more options and story for Emma and Autumn.

I started playing at V7 in android, and when V8 came I unistalled v7 and installed v8. However all the save was lost, and I played from start . Though I enjoy it, and I wonder if I have to start from beginning for every new version, or is there a way to continue from my saves, in Android.

You can make a back-up save.

There is a bug that wont let me give kali her package

Try installing the mail fix patch!q2xUQaZa!qoR-BzbZjL9Vd06fS9jPaw

can i use this on android too?

Hi Runey. Love your game so far. Im an android player and this has been the second time i have to play from the beginning 😞. The second time after installing v0.8 i have managed to paste the save data from v0.7 into the data file of v0.8 . Still the saves didnt show up .what do i do

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That's very odd. I'm sorry, but I don't know how to troubleshoot Android builds that well. (I just click the "Build Android" button and it does everything for me)

So that means if i delete the game the data will be gone too ? Ow :(

maybe their incompatible with 0.8?

For Kalis mail quest do I have to reinstall to be able to do it?!q2xUQaZa!qoR-BzbZjL9Vd06fS9jPaw Try using this patch (read me inside)

Whenever I try too download off of your link, I keep getting a error messege saying "there was a problem parsing your package" any tips on a work around? I have it fully downloaded on Mega

I got bug in Ashley's story.what should I do? Reinstalling the game or wait for next version?

What is the bug?

Found a glitch in the android version that get me to the sanctuary. While in my room, go to the outside door icon. An option for it appears there.

I have the same Kali package problem as mentioned by others, I assume that is why I cannot get any of the elves..... I tried to download this morning as suggested and I still have the same problem

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Download Lains walkthrough.

That fixed my problem.


Hasnt seemed to do anything for me unfortunately, assuming I downloaded the right version

What does the walkthrough do? Other than fix that bug

Its a walkthrough guide for the game. It at least fixed my Kalis package problem... 

can I get list all codes/cheats here?

a Patron thing. Sorry.


i love the Elves in the sanctuary it is so interesting  

i want to know more about nia she is pretty badass

How do I unlock Lucia evnets ?

Truestory on the computer.

What do you mean Truestory and what is the option for android?

put ´´truestory`` on the computer ´´note`` icon

I got a great idea Runey! Instead of making EVERY scene in the Gallery section(or at least the most ´´sexiest`` or ´´cutest``)if it would be too hard or smh , how about being able to NAME the saves? That way people could be able to name every scene they would like to see again as a save and use the save slots as ´´Gallery``(since there is infinite(?)O_O saving space)

Hi Runey.

Thanks for your hard works.

The android version still have bugs but i hope it'll be fix soon.

The game is very good. I'm pretty sure  this game is one of the best adults games out there.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks, which bugs have you found? They should all be fixed in today's build.

When will it be finished? I can't get to the sanctuary

Nor can i go to the front door from lobby. I have to go to ´´Your room`` and from there access the front door. But neither can i pick up Kalis package.

I added lains walkthrough in it... Somehow it got fixed 🤨🤨

Hi I’m pretty new to all this so I was just wondering how to update the game when new updates come out. Thanks!

Just download it.

Help I'm stucking at kali's mission( after unlock thereesome scene) and Ashley's mission(after 3 Little elf's in laundry room) where should I go next?

Youll have to wait couple of days or so on Ashleys story.

Or because I had a bug on Ashley's story?

Please help me how to unlock kate mission? And can you give me Ashley's guide?

Go to Ashley's college. If you can't try redownloading the game (it was a bug)

Can I reinstalling the game?

O que outras pessoas estão dizendo I can not download the error appears void, what I do to fix

    • Hey runey. I just finished downloading the 8.1 version for windows and it doesn’t extract the files after download. Do you think it is my pc that’s at fault or the game files? By the way, keep up the good work I really enjoy the story and everything else about the game. 

    i had that problem at first i closed it the reopened the rar file and it worked so try that

    Tried it didn’t work. Apparently something corrupted the file. Got it fixed with anti virus software. It works now. 


    Awesome game by the way story is great and even after you finish the stories there is the traits you can work on so very enjoyable. I have a Harem of Sluts in my Hotel … Hahahaha

    Are you going to be updating the sanctuary at all for more elves and maybe make a drow available or the elf that was with Ashley?

    Right now I'll mainly be focusing on the Elves we currently have

    how do you gain lust on Lin

    Go to her room (on any day other than Wednesday) select +slutiness option, then "wear this".. then either petting or dildo.. don't let her cum

    runey is happening a bug of not appearing a link at the time you click to download ps: i'm downloading to mobile

    ok was just wondering

    Hey, after the update I can't seem to find the option to access the sanctuary. Am I missing something? From what I remember it was accessible from the front door of the hotel.

    Its a bug. The same as ´´Check for mail`` gives you Kalis package. Will be fixed by Runey.

    I got a bug where I try talking to Lin but it says i have to buy my Android's human outfit first (which one is it btw? I already bought all 4 outfits and it still pops up that message) and also a bug on Moon's route where i tried spanking her 2/10 and it says i have to give her training on "All eyes On you" first even though i already made that training upgrade.

    The Androids Human outfit is in the ´´other`` tab.

    Have you bought Moon the cat-outfit yet?

    Ooooh alright. Yeah, i already bought her cat outfit. I'll try buying it then thx

    Try the training in the morning

    Why doesnt Ashley go to college anymore? Its most likely a bug, when its Monday Noon, shes still in the Hotel...

    Sorry, yeah, this is a bug. It will be fixed


    I loved the game.  (not for porn really) the story is immersive and very well thought out.


    Same here. :D The sex scenes are REALLY good, but i mostly play it for the AMAIZING story! 😁😁

    Hi, if you are going to make the game bigger, please make another application, (I imagine the game weighing 6g and nobody being able to play it ♡♡

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