Harem Hotel v0.6 Patch Notes

Added the Bar
Redesigned the Computer
Added 6 music choices to the Bar
New side character: Moon
Added Pet Names to Lin, Kali, Ashley, and Maria
Added a total of 62 new events

Remade the first and second floor in better quality
Remade MC's room in better quality
Remade the kitchen in better quality
Added 3 Ellen Events
Added 6 Bar Events
Added 7+ Bar scenes, dozens of upgrades, and more.
Added Sarah to the bar. 2 Events (2 angles)

    1 Story Event
    Jin is now buyable!
    4 Jin Events
    Remade Lin's Anal animation, now includes 4 outfits
   Remade Lin's morning blowjob animation

    1 Story Event
    Remade Kali's blowjob event/animation
    Remade Kali's boobjob event/animation
    2 Lucy Events

   2 Story Events (MASSIVE)
    2 Kate Events
    Remade Ashley's cake event in better quality
    You can now sleep with Ashley at night

    1 Story Event
    You can now sleep with Maria at night
    Maria will now work as a Bartender in the bar in the Evenings
    Remade Maria's sprites

     1 Story Event
     Added Anal in 3 outfits and 3 breast sizes each
     Added the Buttslut trait
     Added the Anal stat
     Remade Android's morning handjob animation

Felicity & Emma:
    1 Story Event
    You can now sleep with Felicity at night
    Added a shower scene to Felicity
    Added a shower scene to Emma (2 angles)

    3 Story Events


Harem Hotel v0.7.2 ANDROID (Tablet)
Feb 23, 2019
Harem Hotel v0.8.2 ANDROID
Sep 10, 2018
Harem Hotel v0.8.2 MAC
Jul 16, 2018
Harem Hotel v0.8.2 PC
Jul 16, 2018

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